The @BiltmoreEstate is beautiful this time of year, @JudgeJeanine

Today WRAL released this cartoon depicting our Lt. Governor, Mark Robinson as a Klansman because he won’t bow to the leftist anti-American agenda they are pushing in our schools!

Local governments and hospitals across the state need to see a clear, bipartisan plan to distribute the Covid vaccine so we can save lives across North Carolina.

This reeks of either political retribution or at a minimum, political favoritism.
Governor Cooper cannot continue play politics with people’s lives!

Fauci maskless at a baseball game, Cooper maskless at a BLM protest, Biden maskless at the Lincoln Memorial.....

And they wonder why we don’t trust government!

Jason Williams@rjasonw

[email protected] Jen Psaki talking about Biden’s mask mandate on federal property while standing maskless on federal property

I’ll continue to support conservative ideals & candidates. I’ll continue to support a biblical worldview. I’ll continue to love those I agree with & those I don’t. I’ll continue to believe that America, by God’s providence, is the greatest nation in the world.

God Bless America!

I do NOT support their liberal agenda, but I wish incoming President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the very best. I pray that God’s will be done, the same way I did with President Trump.

I have not always agreed with President Trump’s actions or rhetoric, but I do believe he wanted the very best for America. #MAGA

I wish President Trump the very best. In my 46 years on earth, he is the best President I’ve had the privilege of voting for.

His policies and unwavering commitment to putting America First is something to be admired.

NC Faith and Freedom Coalition@NCFaithFreedom

Today marks the end of the most pro life, pro family, pro Israel, pro religious liberty administration we’ve ever seen.

Thank you President Trump for standing up for the forgotten American!

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