Join @JudgeJeanine Pirro, and other faith leaders from across the country, at the NC Faith and Freedom Coalition Salt and Light Conference September 19!

This new group of Democrats aren’t Kennedy, Carter, or even Clinton Democrats. These new extremists hate our country and want to fundamentally change our entire nation. We cannot allow them to trample the values America was built on.

It’s refreshing to know there are dads out there who are raising their boys to be good men. They love and treat their daughters like princesses. Most importantly, they recognize the greatest gifts they can give their children is to put God first and love their mother.

“Guys from the streets look to him like, ‘Man, if he can change his life, I can change mine.’”

On Memorial Day weekend when we take the time to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, the New York Times has the audacity to equate the military to the KKK.

This is a disgrace. This is yet another reason the @nytimes has become a joke & deserves to fail

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