As the Taliban hang people from the Black Hawk helicopters Biden gave them, he walks away from his promise and leaves many Americans behind in Afghanistan!

The @BiltmoreEstate is beautiful this time of year, @JudgeJeanine

Today WRAL released this cartoon depicting our Lt. Governor, Mark Robinson as a Klansman because he won’t bow to the leftist anti-American agenda they are pushing in our schools!

Local governments and hospitals across the state need to see a clear, bipartisan plan to distribute the Covid vaccine so we can save lives across North Carolina.

This reeks of either political retribution or at a minimum, political favoritism.
Governor Cooper cannot continue play politics with people’s lives!

Fauci maskless at a baseball game, Cooper maskless at a BLM protest, Biden maskless at the Lincoln Memorial.....

And they wonder why we don’t trust government!

Jason Williams@rjasonw

[email protected] Jen Psaki talking about Biden’s mask mandate on federal property while standing maskless on federal property

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