“If history has taught us anything, it is that the relentless, resilient American spirit will be an inspiration to the world as we come through this and ultimately be even better for it.”

- @rjasonw

This week, we joined with other values-based groups across North Carolina to call on @NC_Governor to include abortion centers in the recent order to suspend all elective and non-urgent procedures and surgeries.

Read the entire letter here:

To combat some of the misinformation out there and keep you informed, I am going to do a live Facebook town hall tomorrow at 11:00. I will start with an update, answer some of the most common questions I’ve been getting, then taking some questions live online.

@WhatleyNCGOP Go Gaston. Other Counties should examine the plan to see if they can also implement. Gaston Leads.

Glad to see the Gaston Board of County Commissions vote to move up $50 million in capital projects to inject money and jobs into the economy immediately. This kind of leadership is critical - especially when our economy is facing the challenges we are facing today. #NCGOP #ncpol

As our nation faces this challenging situation with the Coronavirus, there is no better time to turn to God in prayer for His protection and guidance.

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